Saturday, April 30, 2011

spoon and fork, please!

Some facts about Filipino diners:
1. We pray first before eating.
2. We eat with a spoon and fork. We also eat with our hands sometimes. :)
3. Rice is unquestionably an essential part of the Filipino diet. In our household alone, we have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
4. We pair our rice with viands or "ulam" which are often times one-pot dishes meaning, we have the soup,meat and vegetables all in one pot like sinigang and nilaga.
5. Filipinos love condiments or "sawsawan". We often use patis (fish sauce), toyo (soy sauce), suka (vinegar), kalamansi (philippine lemon), bagoong (shrimp paste) and siling labuyo (bird's eye chili) to put more flavor on our food.
6. Fruits like bananas and mangoes are often included in the meal. My husband for example includes banana with his ulam and rice every single meal.
7. After parties, we love to "balot" or pack the extra food for our guests to take home. Throwing away food is such a big no-no!
8. Filipinos love to eat. We eat 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snacks or "merienda" in between.
9. "Kain Tayo" (Let's eat!) - Guests are always invited to partake of a meal on the family table.
10. "Walang Sayang" (No wastes) - We have dishes made utilizing almost every part of the animal from snout to tail. For example: oxtail and meat - karekare, pig's blood, liver and meat - dinuguan, pig's cheek, snout, ears, heart, and liver - sisig, pig's feet/ pork hocks - paksiw na pata.