Saturday, May 7, 2011

Asian Court

We've never tried going to a proper dimsum house and I wish we had tried it sooner. Nevertheless, it was quite an experience so better late than never!

Asian Court is the only dimsum house we encountered nearest the Baltimore area. It is actually located in Ellicott City but it's not that hard to get there via I-695 exit16. We went there with my Mom and 2 of our friends who are sisters, Ate Ebyang and Ate Cel.
As soon as we were seated, a waitress asked for our drinks and we all decided to have jasmine tea. Several dimsum carts were moving around the restaurant each carrying delectable goodies. I began making a mental note of what I would like to have as soon as our dimsum card arrives. The dimsum card is used by the dimsum lady to mark the items you get from the cart.

We had the following:
(top to bottom, left to right) pork and shrimp siomai, pork spare ribs, braised chicken feet ,egg tarts, hakaw and savory rice in lotus leaves

Not included in the photos because they were just too yummy it was gone before we even had the chance to take pictures were: fried taro puffs, shrimp dumpling and kuchay dumpling

Everything was quite delicious and filling. It did not break the bank either because we only spent roughly $13 for each individual. It was indeed an exceptionally enjoyable Sunday brunch.

I can't wait to try other dishes on our next Asian Court visit!

Asian Court
Address: 9180 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City,MD 21042