Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sunday is eat out day for me and Bem. It became some sort of an unwritten tradition that we eat out after hearing the mass.

Last Sunday, we were joined by a friend who was hubby's former highschool student, Carla.

We heard our afternoon mass at the Immaculate Conception Parish then decided to eat at Friendly's along the way.

We never ate at Friendly's before. We usually go to IHOP (International House of Pancakes)because it reminded us very much of Pancake House. We don't know what to expect from Friendly's so we were excited.

There was a line but we managed to get in without much waiting time. The waiter was prompt but then it took some time before the food came out.

My husband got the chicken strips in barbecue bourbon sauce with french fries. Apparently, any order of chicken strip meals comes with a free happy ending sundae. It was funny because my husband thought he heard "never ending" and not "happy ending" and was excited because he was thinking all the while that the sundae was refillable. haha better luck next time, Bem.

Carla had the fish and chips with tartar sauce and I had the sirloin steak tips which I ordered with mashed potatoes on the side and garden vegetables. Well, Carla's order came out okay but mine was weird because instead of vegetables, I have french fries. I was just too hungry to complain so I didn't send it back. In the end, I didn't finish the fries nor the sirloin steak because they were a little on the tough side.

The best part of the meal for me was the endless chat with Bem and Carla plus the sundae that was so yummy, we finished it before hubby could even take a picture. It was, indeed, a "happy ending" sundae!

Note to self: The next time we go to Friendly's, we will focus on dessert and this time no sharing. haha!

Friendly's Restaurant
1414 York Road
Lutherville, MD 21093

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