Friday, July 27, 2012

Chaps, Baltimore's pride!

the beef shack
 If South Carolina have barbecue and Memphis have ribs, what do Baltimoreans have? Pit beef, of course! A big chunk of bottom round of beef, cooked slowly in charcoal served usually medium rare in between bread slices with the famous horseradish condiments known as the tiger sauce.
me enjoying the soup
clockwise left to right: fries, rachel and chap's special
the menu

The store is an unpretentious shack near a gentlemen's club. It was not so filled out when we entered but there was a line after we ordered. my husband had the chap's special (beef, ham, corned beef and cheese) and i had the rachel (corned beef, swiss, coleslaw and thousand island dressing) and a bowl of their soup of the day which was shrimp. The sandwich was filled with generous amounts of meat and they are quite tender. The soup was piping hot with shrimp, potatoes and corn, almost like a chowder. We ended up with enough leftovers for tomorrow's breakfast and what I like is that it didn't even break the bank.   

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

PHO REAL is for real!!!!!

I love noodles in all forms, shapes and sizes but most especially the asian ones. I was just browsing at urbanspoon trying to find our friend's favorite Vietnamese noodle place in Silver Spring when I came across Pho Real. I read really good reviews about it and since it's the one nearest DC (because we were going to the Basilica that day), we decided to have lunch there and check it out.

spring and summer rolls

my bowl of steaming pho

chilis, lime, sprouts and thai basil leaves

mommy happily slurping away
hubby enjoying his iced vietnamese coffee
The restaurant is not fancy at all but it's filled with people who are just busy slurping away with their noodles - a very good sign that we are in for a treat.We started of with an order of a summer roll (non-fried) and a spring roll (fried) which we shared among us.  And then we all ordered our own pho - I ended up with the beef pho with slices of round steak and well done brisket. My husband also tried the vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk. The big steaming bowl of pho came complete with the condiments of lime, chilis, fresh basil leaves and mung beansprouts. The serving was so generous that we have left overs a.k.a. instant dinner. 

Cheap and oh so yummy for the tummy! what more can you ask for? I just wish we have a Vietnamese resto like this near our place. sigh...


IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes. It is our go-to breakfast resto and there was even a time when we started going to this place every single Sunday after mass thus giving birth to what we call our IHOP Sundays. I love IHOP because it reminded me so much of Pancake House - its local counterpart in the Philippines, which used to be one of our favorite after-work hang-outs.

with mommy

hubby's breakfast sampler

my sirloin tips dinner (was hungry that time)
I would normally order a refillable decaf and an International Crepe Passport which consist of: 2 eggs done any way you want (in my case either scrambled or over easy), the nutella and banana crepe with strawberry and whipped cream topping and 2 pieces of bacon or sausage. When I'm truly hungry, I usually have the sirloin tips dinner with loaded potato soup. My hubby on the other hand would always get the breakfast sampler and an iced chocolate mocha with whipped cream every single time!

I love this place...


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Schmidt's Sausage Haus and Restaurant

me and hubby goofing around
hubby with the biggest, heaviest and yummiest cream puff ever
Schmidt's is a Columbus, Ohio landmark that we could just not pass up. It is located in one of the german towns in that area, a family-owned restaurant known for their yummy sausages like the bahama mamas and the oh so sinful and massive cream puffs. I love the quaint little town feel of this area and I have to say that the cream puff alone is enough reason to move there in the near future. We were famished from the long drive and so decided that we would do the "auto bahn" which was their version of an all-you-can-eat buffet. I loved everything especially the spicy bahama mamas and up till now I still feel like kicking myself for not bringing at least a dozen of these wonderful mamas home.
spicy bahama mamas and garlic sausages
Aside from the restaurant, Schmidt's also has a cute fudge store and I think if we were there at a much earlier time - we could have witnessed the makings of a delicious fudge. But for the meantime, we just have to let the copper bowl rest. Nevertheless, there were a variety of confections there that make such interesting conversation starters like the scorpion lollipops. Note that the scorpions here may be tiny but they are real! Cooked and capsulated inside the flavored candies, they are quite tempting. But next to them are boxes of cheese flavored mealworms and sour cream and onion flavored crickets which made me get a little goosies (goosebumps). 

my auto bahn

me and ayen in front of the fudge haus

scorpion lollipops,anyone?

cheddar worms

sour cream and onion flavored crickets,perhaps?

fudge galore!!!! yum!

I wish we could stay some more and visit some of the old landmarks of this peaceful town but we need to be home before it gets dark so, goodbye Columbus...we'll be back!