Friday, July 27, 2012

Chaps, Baltimore's pride!

the beef shack
 If South Carolina have barbecue and Memphis have ribs, what do Baltimoreans have? Pit beef, of course! A big chunk of bottom round of beef, cooked slowly in charcoal served usually medium rare in between bread slices with the famous horseradish condiments known as the tiger sauce.
me enjoying the soup
clockwise left to right: fries, rachel and chap's special
the menu

The store is an unpretentious shack near a gentlemen's club. It was not so filled out when we entered but there was a line after we ordered. my husband had the chap's special (beef, ham, corned beef and cheese) and i had the rachel (corned beef, swiss, coleslaw and thousand island dressing) and a bowl of their soup of the day which was shrimp. The sandwich was filled with generous amounts of meat and they are quite tender. The soup was piping hot with shrimp, potatoes and corn, almost like a chowder. We ended up with enough leftovers for tomorrow's breakfast and what I like is that it didn't even break the bank.   

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