Tuesday, July 24, 2012


IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes. It is our go-to breakfast resto and there was even a time when we started going to this place every single Sunday after mass thus giving birth to what we call our IHOP Sundays. I love IHOP because it reminded me so much of Pancake House - its local counterpart in the Philippines, which used to be one of our favorite after-work hang-outs.

with mommy

hubby's breakfast sampler

my sirloin tips dinner (was hungry that time)
I would normally order a refillable decaf and an International Crepe Passport which consist of: 2 eggs done any way you want (in my case either scrambled or over easy), the nutella and banana crepe with strawberry and whipped cream topping and 2 pieces of bacon or sausage. When I'm truly hungry, I usually have the sirloin tips dinner with loaded potato soup. My hubby on the other hand would always get the breakfast sampler and an iced chocolate mocha with whipped cream every single time!

I love this place...


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