Tuesday, July 24, 2012

PHO REAL is for real!!!!!

I love noodles in all forms, shapes and sizes but most especially the asian ones. I was just browsing at urbanspoon trying to find our friend's favorite Vietnamese noodle place in Silver Spring when I came across Pho Real. I read really good reviews about it and since it's the one nearest DC (because we were going to the Basilica that day), we decided to have lunch there and check it out.

spring and summer rolls

my bowl of steaming pho

chilis, lime, sprouts and thai basil leaves

mommy happily slurping away
hubby enjoying his iced vietnamese coffee
The restaurant is not fancy at all but it's filled with people who are just busy slurping away with their noodles - a very good sign that we are in for a treat.We started of with an order of a summer roll (non-fried) and a spring roll (fried) which we shared among us.  And then we all ordered our own pho - I ended up with the beef pho with slices of round steak and well done brisket. My husband also tried the vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk. The big steaming bowl of pho came complete with the condiments of lime, chilis, fresh basil leaves and mung beansprouts. The serving was so generous that we have left overs a.k.a. instant dinner. 

Cheap and oh so yummy for the tummy! what more can you ask for? I just wish we have a Vietnamese resto like this near our place. sigh...

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