Thursday, October 8, 2015

Citrus Paradise

notaplainhousewifeThe last time we went to Florida was during the Holiday of 2011. It was the first solo trip we ever did as husband and wife and doing this proves that:
a.) the hubby can be a NASCAR driver and the proof was his uncanny ability to drive from Baltimore,Maryland to Orlando,Florida in 14 hours including bathroom and food breaks
b.) I am good at being the assistant navigator, drink holder and snack feeder.
c.) we are adventurers at heart and 
d.) we are each other's best travel buddy.
Part of the itinerary of our trip was to do something other than the usual amusement park hopping (Disneyworld and Universal Studios forever!!!), so we decided on visiting a citrus farm and we came upon this one called The Showcase of Citrus.
notaplainhousewifenotaplainhousewifeThe Showcase of Citrus is a family owned farm. The farm property is huge and a big portion of it is dedicated to growing various types of Citrus fruits  but they also do cattle farming. One of the owners toured us around the property in a giant truck and we get to feed oranges to the cattle. It was this time that I almost became a vegetarian especially when I came upon the most beautiful cow these brown eyes have ever set upon. I call her Barbie 919. She was drooling in the pic but don't worry, I gave her a nice juicy orange to feast on. According to the owner, he became a vegetarian because of those cows. It was also nice to learn that they practice organic farming and that they are part of the cooperative that supplies Florida Orange Juice (the hubby's only juice brand) with oranges.
After the tour, we obtained a net for our oranges and proceeded to pick our oranges. I have to say that these oranges - hands down - were the best and sweetest oranges we ever had!  

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