Saturday, October 10, 2015

Filipino food items that I miss.....

When I came to the U.S., it was the fall season of 2008 and I can still remember how different it felt. The air smells different, the jacket that was way too warm in the Philippines was insufficient when it comes to the cold of Detroit and people talks way too fast for me to catch up what they're saying. But I was excited because I miss my husband so much...too much actually.

the now you see me. now you don't Yakult
Coming here, I thought that I can easily get everything that we have in the Philippines and of course, I was so dead wrong. Here are a list of the food items that I miss in the Philippines that I rarely find here (Maryland area) or if I do, they are just so darn expensive that I just go for the local brand instead.

1. Yakult - Yakult is almost like an Easter egg around here. If it's in stock, I try to buy as many as I can and when it's out of stays that way for a long.....long....long...time.

2. Pan de Regla or Kalihim - It's a bread that is sold in the local bakeries in the Philippines with a red colored sweet filling which is just so darn good especially when it's still warm from the oven. Recently, I found a recipe for this on Pinterest and I am still mustering the courage to bake something that calls for yeast and also kneading. We'll see....

3. Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog - It's big, juicy and oh so bad for you but I think, I can finish a whole package of this.

4. La Paz Batchoy - the real one and not from the cup. I miss the smell of the piping hot, chicharon and garlic laden offal soup. I also found a recipe for that but it is a bit intimidating but we'll see. I will definitely post it together with item 2, if ever I get to do it.

5. Red Ribbon Cakes - like Rocky Road Cake and Chocolate Mousse Cake because somehow, the one's that they have here does not seem to taste the same at all. Even the appearance is different!

the I cannot believe it's $10.99 ice cream
6. Becky's Kitchen Brownies and Cakes - I miss the brownies with the cherries and nuts and also the triple chocolate mousse.

7. Conti's Mango Bravo - The Mango Bravo Cake which is a mountain of yummy delightful cream, meringue, mangoes and just heavenly goodness.

8. Isaw and other Filipino street food - Offals I feel is kinda hard to come by in the asian markets or maybe, I just don't know how to ask? hmmmm

9. Porkchops with a strip of fat in it - because all of the porkchops I have encountered are trimmed of the fatty goodness. Why oh why do they have to trim the best part away?

10. Puto Bumbong - The Filipino delicacy which is actually made of purple-colored rice flour cooked in cylindrical bamboo/wooden containers slathered with margarine, and sprinkled with coconut and sugar with sesame seeds. It used to be sold only when the Simbang Gabi starts but in Muntinlupa (where I lived all my life), there was a lady there who cooks the yummy stuff all throughout the year.

I miss you yummies!

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