Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I'm back and o so many food adventures to tell!!!!

taken on our 3rd year anniv with an amazing Mango Bravo Cake
Yes, I am still alive....
Yes, I am still a foodie...
Yes, I almost killed this blog....
Yes, I am back for good!

So what happened to me, well - check my other blog: and see what happened through the entry called "The Comeback". But now on to what my plans are for this blog...

1. I am doing a 30-day blog-writing challenge which starts today. This coincides with the 30-day challenge that I have in my notaplainhousewife blog.
2. I am pushing myself a bit and will cook 1 recipe from my private collection of cookbooks and recipe clippings every week.
3. I will also bake 1 pastry/bread a month to hone my newfound love for baking.
4. I will do a Meatless Monday challenge to encourage my hubby and I to love veggies more
5. I will include our food budget and my weekly menu in the hopes of re-learning the beauty of budgeting and proving that even with a budget, food can still be healthful and yummy!

Yehey! Day 1 of 30-day blog-writing challenge:accomplished!!!

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